Official China News Agency Demands America Disarm Its Citizens

Official China News Agency Demands America Disarm Its Citizens

A Chinese News agency newspaper seems unduly interested in the debate over gun control and gun violence in the U.S., and it is regularly printing articles calling for citizen disarmament. One might think this is merely a chance to tweak our nose, but with recent Chinese saber rattling, it would be wise for us to consider why this would be important to Chinese citizens. U.S. citizens almost never consider the domestic policies of Chinese citizens, or for that matter, almost any citizens of another country. We typically do not have enough information to have an informed opinion, nor can we have an actual impact on domestic policy in other countries, so we are “just not that into” foreign domestic policy.

Recent activities and proposals in the U.N. have been designed to reach in to the domestic policies of sovereign countries and to impact their laws and statutes. That is especially true with regard to gun purchases, ownership, and policy. The U.N. has been seeking ways to insert itself into the gun control debate and to somehow assume legal control of some of the policies and trade regarding gun purchases and ownership now wholly assumed by the U.S.  Those that would allow outside influences to dictate how we run our country is yet another indication of dishonest bureaucrats willing to bargain away our sovereignty and hand it over to the “one worlders.”

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