Ode to Trump Song: “We’re All Mexican”

It is almost a battle of the bands with Trump and Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan, both using their mics to spread their message.

Trump contends that the border needs to be secured and that those who have entered the United State illegally need to be deported.   The counter voice, Emilio Estefan, says Trump is vilifying Mexicans and is using anti-Mexican rhetoric.

Emilio and company have a formative platform, however they should certainly get their facts straight that it is not just Trump and the GOP who desire immigration reform.

A late-August poll by Rasmussen showed that 54 percent of whites, 38 percent of blacks, and 42 percent of “others,” most of whom are Hispanics, believe illegal immigration is “very serious.” An additional 51 percent of blacks, and 29 percent of “others,” say illegal immigration is “somewhat serious.”

Forty-two percent of Hispanics see illegal immigration as “very serious”.   Yet “We're All Mexican” misses this fact, as they stew in their small circles of entertainment elites and won't even consider that the very people they claim to speak for have a different opinion.

“Mexicans are being vilified in the United States by some of the media and political leaders and in some of the public’s sentiment because they comprise 67% of the Latino population and because their native country shares a direct border with the United States and are the majority of the “Latinos” crossing that particular border,” says the video.

Source:  Breitbart



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