Obama’s Timeline For Moving On Guns Revealed

Obama’s Timeline For Moving On Guns Revealed

Barack Obama is going to make a move on tightening gun restrictions after the holiday season ends. That’s what senior congressional aides and some in the gun-control community are promising will happen after the President returns from a holiday vacation in Hawaii in January.

The San Bernardino shooting prompted a legal review of the current gun control laws, “scrubbing through the law” as White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, ┬áput it. Ostensibly, the review is to help Obama find ways to limit weapon access to terrorists and future potential mass shooters, but the fallout of any executive action will inevitably limit every citizen’s access to firearms.

While it is currently uncertain what the President can realistically impose as far as gun control, both sides in the capitol believe, as one senior house GOP leadership aide put it, “something is brewing on guns.” As the New Hampshire primaries approach, Obama will do everything he can to shore up support among establishment Democrats, including affecting seriously harmful executive impositions on citizens’ rights.

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