Obama’s Sneaky Labor Day Executive Order on Labor

Business are still struggling in the sluggish economy, but these kind of things don’t seem to connect with Obama, as he sneakily signed an executive order, mandating federal contractors to give seven paid sick days a year to employees.

Western Journal reports that one major business leader says does “more harm than good”

“Businesses that cannot afford to offer this benefit today are no more able to afford it simply because it is mandated.”

Obama, who has never run a business, and has run the business of governing into the ground, does not recognized the unintended consequences of such a mandate.  He does realize that he would not have the support of Congress and therefore went behind their backs. Obama may read factual opinions like the one below, but if it does not make sense or promote his world view, it does not have credence to him.

For a company to absorb the cost it will mean a reduction of other benefits for employees such as such as overtime opportunities, reduced hours, reduced retirement benefits, lost vacation or other fringe benefits. Workers may prefer those benefits over paid sick leave, but a mandate would restrict the flexibility to offer the benefits the employees want.

Once again, this administration steals the freedom of individuals and management to do what is best for their employees. These people   work in the trenches each day, side by side, and therefore have a finger on the pulse of the needs of the employees.  Obama is too far away in his socialistic, ivory tower to recognize that his mandate will hurt workers.

Source: Western Journalism




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