Obama’s Most Ridiculous Remarks Out Of Paris

Obama’s Most Ridiculous Remarks Out Of Paris

On any given day, we can count on President Barack Obama to serve up a litany of cringe-worthy comments. In the wake of tragedy, Obama’s gaffe-meter goes into overdrive, offering up so many laughable — and troubling — statements that its hard to pick just one.

Luckily, Breitbart didn’t feel constrain itself to just one ridiculous post-Paris comment by Barack Obama, and instead compiled a list of the best of the worst of Barack Obama’s idiotic statements.

From Obama’s powerful rebuke of ISIS (by taking about climate change), to his urgent cry to end terrorism (which — of course — was a reference to Planned Parenthood), Obama’s list of fallacies is both shocking and expected.

We can no doubt count on our fearless leader to make us both ashamed of our president and embarrassed to be represented by him.

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