Obama’s Purge of Patriotic U.S. Christians

There may be “no atheists in foxholes”, but there certainly are less Christians desiring to serve in foxholes under this Administration due to what is being reported as an “hostile workplace” for those of faith.

For example, just the other day the Washington Times reported that large numbers of Christians are either leaving the military or never joining in the first place because of the “hostile work environment” that currently exists…

There have been numerous cases recently where Christian’s in the military have been given marching orders on what they cannot say.

Michael Berry, senior counsel at the Liberty Institute, a Texas-based legal organization dedicated to defending religious liberty in America, said recent high-profile cases of military chaplains facing punishment for private counseling sessions that reflected the teachings of their religion could cause devout Americans who are qualified for military service to think twice about joining the military.

Another example of workplace hostility under the Obama regime are reported by Prophecy News Watch as follows:

In December, a chaplain for a Ranger training battalion was sent an administrative letter of concern after a soldier complained that he had promoted Christianity and used a Bible during a mandatory suicide-prevention training session.

Last month, a Navy chaplain was removed from his job and may lose his career after complaints about his private counseling during which he discouraged homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Many of us have personal, anecdotal evidence of people we know who have felt the effects of Obama’s policy squelching their Christian faith and freedom while serving in the military.  Yet one who holds such strong convictions to faith also recognizes that it is better to obey God rather than man and in this case, the man is Obama.

There does seem to be an agenda to purge patriotic Christians as reported by Prophecy News Watch in this administration.  According to the report “one of the key people that the Obama administration has brought in to advise the Pentagon on matters of faith and the military is a man named Mikey Weinstein.

Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and to say that he hates evangelical Christians is a huge understatement. The following comes from one of my previous articles…

The MRFF is a very insidious organization. It is headed up by a man named Mikey Weinstein. He has called Christians “human monsters” and “enemies of the United States Constitution“. Weinstein is convinced that sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ while in the military is “sedition and treason” and should be punished as such.

It is time to be wise as serpents and recognize that just as in times past, men of power have tried to eradicate Christianity and have failed, and what we are seeing now are similar steps, taken by powerful men, put in place by Obama to make this statement a fact: “we are no longer a Christian nation”.

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