Obama’s Orchestrated Wealth Transfer To The Top One Percent

Obama’s Orchestrated Wealth Transfer To The Top One Percent

Many of us remember when Barack Obama promised he was going to “spread the money around a bit,” gave away cheap phones to the morons who supported him, and then promised a woman who had no place to live that he would meet with her to discuss her plight. It turns out he was no more honest when he made those statements than when he told America they could keep their doctor and health plan and save $2,500 buying into the Obamacare health scam.

The big joke is that the Left was certain that Obama was a closet socialist that would finally bring the rich to their knees and make sure economic quality would reign. It is now 2016, eight years have passed, and the joke is on the suckers who thought Obama was serious.

It turns out that the president shoveled the big money directly to the big banks and Wall Street, and no one in the Democrat party is screaming!

Obama patted himself on the back during his barely watched State of the Union message, talking about the strength and resilience of the economy and the job growth that he supposedly ushered in. He failed to note that the million and a half manufacturing jobs that were lost were replaced by the same number of bartender and wait staff jobs, nor did he take note of the almost 100 million workers who are out of the work force, not because they are living a comfortable retired life, but because they have given up looking for a decent job.

Those millions do not show up on the unemployment roles, so to Obama they are invisible and must prefer staying at home to going to work each day.

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