Obama’s Gift to Iran Used in Massive Military Buildup

Obama’s Gift to Iran Used in Massive Military Buildup

As we watch the developments in Iran, we can be confident that many of the nation's advances have been accomplished with the help of the Obama administration. And these are significant accomplishments to be sure. After all, you can make some progress with an extra couple billion dollars to spend.

President Trump was certainly correct when he stated that we have very poor negotiators supposedly working on our behalf. Whether it is through incompetence, cowardice, or betrayal, America has been on the short end of the stick on far too many negotiations over the past eight years.

The nuclear agreement with Iran is just one of many dreadful agreements to which the U.S. has been subjected by the Obama administration. And writing the mullahs a check for $1.7 billion is just plain betrayal of the interests of the United States. Look at what they are spending that money on.

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