Obama’s Former Classmate: Mr. President, You Disgust Me

Obama’s Former Classmate: Mr. President, You Disgust Me

The video of President Obama on page 2 speaking of the mass shooting by a Muslim terrorist is exactly what we would expect. Short on details, though he surely has been briefed by the FBI and the Orlando Police chief. No mention that the shooter was a radical Muslim who traveled to Saudi Arabia multiple times and cheered when the Twin Towers came down and killed almost 3,000 Americans.

NO MENTION of his religious orientation or motivation!

That is incredible, and it should remind us there is something very illogical and bizarre that Obama cannot bring himself to use the words Islam and terrorist in the same sentence when it is clear that a terrorist act has been committed by a Muslim. The reasonable conclusion is that Obama is, in fact, a Muslim and wants to provide cover for the religion, or he is a Muslim sympathizer and is motivated by the same objective.

Wayne Allen Root, who was a Columbia college classmate of Obama, has written a very good summary of the situation. It bears reading. He points out that rather than recognize the clear and obvious connection between Islam and terrorism, in this case the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States, instead Obama reverts to the ubiquitous talking points of the Democrat party, which is that the cause of this evil was access to guns, as if the gun itself caused the mass shooting, and the demand for civil rights for the LGBT community, which in fact has a death sentence pronounced upon it by the Islamic countries that Obama is so anxious to avoid mentioning.

Watch the video on page 2. It is surreal what Obama focuses on. He is once again just not up to the job of president, and should never have been elected.

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