Obama’s First Shipment of 10,000 Syrian Refugees Arrive in New Orleans

Powdered Wig Society has reported on Barrack Obama’s latest move to fill this country with more Muslims.

President Barack Hussein promised that he would be sending thousands of Syrian refugees to the US. Well, he is keeping that promise!

But its one of those promises that he unfortunately kept.

After the Hayride broke the exclusive story on 10,000 Syrian refugees possibly resettling in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie, it has now come to light that refugees are already coming into the New Orleans area.
Catholic Charities, which receive federal grants from U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, have apparently taken in two Syrian refugee families already and are expecting many more.

There are approximately 180 cities in the country that are eligible to accept the 10,000 Syrian refugees.

By spreading out the 10,000 over 180 cities in the country, you can be sure a Syrian refugee will be coming to a city near you. If Europe’s troubles with the refugee population is any indication, we’ve got the beginnings of a huge ordeal on our hands, and Obama is once again to thank.

Source: Powdered Wig Society

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