Obama’s Dismal Popularity: Booed Loudly At Football Game, Left Out Of Air Force Commercial

The tweets and a call to Rush Limbaugh tells us of the harsh booing:



A caller told Rush Limbaugh about this today.
Here’s the transcript:

CALLER: Well, I’m glad you’re home. Just something real quick just to go along with what you’re talking about, the president’s favoritism amongst people is low. We went to a college football game here in Michigan this last weekend, and they did a public service announcement during the game. It reminded me more of like a, “yes, we can” kind of deal again, but it was about taking care of each other and working together.

RUSH: Okay, now, wait. Wait, wait. I don’t want gloss over this.


RUSH: Who did the PSA? On whose behalf was it?

CALLER: Obama.

RUSH: It was an Obama PSA?

CALLER: Yes. Joe Biden’s face was talking about doing things together along with students. He was in the middle of the announcement. It was about a 30-second announcement. It was put up on all the big screens at the stadium.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And at the very end of the announcement was President Obama. And as soon as his face came up there, there were boos in that stadium that surprised me. I was just so happy to hear it because I thought, you know, it was like a positive thing for me, because it was like, okay, other people are feeling the same way I am.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: A lot of the people in that stadium –

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — including the student section.

Here's the video featuring Obama's popular mug:

Another indicator of the antipathy of Barry comes from the military. A new commercial for the Air Force features several presidents, like Reagan, JFK and Clinton, but somehow leaves our the current President. Just an oversight?

Nah, the military hates Obama just as much as he hates them.

Here's the commercial:

Source: thegatewaypundit.com
Photo: Washington Post



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