Obama’s Advice to Democrats About Radicalism is Really an Encrypted Message

Not many things coming from the Left of center in politics are ever plainly spoken or written. If you doubt that, just take a quick perusal of the headlines of the Washington Post, or have a quick view of MSNBC (any hour, just take your pick), or listen for a moment to the recurring whining from three-time loser, Hillary Clinton. Each time any statement is uttered by these entities, you can bet on a sure-thing that what they’re stating is only the sugar coating over a very bitter pill of reality.


The Resistance is really at the core of all this dissention and it’s made up of the Establishmentariat in Washington DC (or the Swamp, as it is more commonly known). Its useful idiots in the DNC-Network Media, the Deep State, the Never-Trumpers, the Globalist Cabal and the Hollywood Arrogant are better accomplices than Woodward and Bernstein were to the anti-Nixon forces in the 1970s.

Today’s Resistance, however, has a very valuable and influential ally: Barack Hussein Obama.

The ex-president was busy this week as he was doing multi-hundred-thousand-dollar speaking engagements and checking in on the latest anti-Trump Netflix movie his company is producing for the streaming giant, when he opted to do a bit of charity work for the 2020 Democrat candidates. In a statement directed toward these seemingly hapless hopefuls while speaking at a Democratic donors gathering, Obama made some remarks aimed at assisting them in gaining the presidency. Suggesting that the normal Democrat voter doesn’t want to “tear down the system” and that many of them “just don’t want to see crazy stuff,” he was immediately attacked on social media.

Left-wingers took the message to be a knock at them and were quick to lash out at the former president. Right-wingers as well took this as a suggestion that the Democrats were just too darn radical.


However, the brilliance of Obama has been completely missed by both sides. Connivance is an artform and Obama is a master of this skill. When Obama ran for office, he was anti-gay marriage. He also said that he did not believe that the 2nd Amendment needed to be abolished. Additionally, he was not enamored of foreign wars; in fact, he pledged to bring the troops back home. He said that he valued law enforcement and was a big advocate of the rule of law. He did not believe that illegal aliens should be protected and remain in the US. His statements about a safe and secure border were paramount to his campaign.

What we know now in retrospect, of course, is that each and every one of these statements was in fact a lie. Obama did everything he could to uphold and push gay marriage, abolition of the right to bear arms, increased foreign wars and financed the killing of American citizens abroad through drone strikes, keeping a large force of our troops in many parts of the world, some say on purpose, spread out “like butter over too much bread.” His disdain for law enforcement was strong and apparent right from the start of his time in office when he called the Boston police department “stupid” for doing their job, even when he didn’t have all the facts of the case in hand. His DOJ even began the systematic federalization of the state and local cops all over the country under both Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Finally, he was the first president in US history to instruct illegals (through his Department of Homeland Security offices) from South and Central American countries how to break our laws and get to stay in this country with all the accoutrements and without being deported.


In other words, he lied BEFORE his election and then did what he really believed AFTER he was in office. And this is exactly what he meant when he told his Democrat comrades to “listen to the voters.” Tell them what they want to hear, get yourself elected, THEN commit to your radical agenda, AFTER you’ve deceived your constituents.

Remember just last week when Joy Behar on the View told the audience that Democrats shouldn’t be telling the public that they’ll be taking their guns away from them BEFORE they’re elected.  “Wait until AFTER you’re elected, and then take their guns!”

If you believe for a moment that Barack Hussein Obama has suddenly turned soft and no longer supports in The Resistance, you’re as ignorant as the men and women who believe that Joe Biden is innocent of extortion in Ukraine.


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