Obamacare’s November Surprise

Obamacare’s November Surprise

Obamacare was built on a lie of monumental proportions, as we saw when video was released of planners and programmers who clearly indicated that the promises that Obama was making were impossible and full of holes. It is impossible to provide more service and charge less, for example, but Obama insisted that the average family would save $2,500 per year for health insurance. In fact, the hugely expensive exchanges were built knowing that many people would look at the offerings and refuse to pay.

So Obamacare built into the system a system that said if you chose not to buy the mandated product/service, then you would have to pay a fine or a tax for not buying what was offered. The very idea boggles the mind, should be unconstitutional, and should be reason enough to throw out every Democrat politician (and it was all of them) who voted to dupe the public with this outrageous scheme.

Though Obama knowingly lied when he promised you could keep your health plan and your doctor and would not be coerced to change your plan, there is another villain of this story, and it is the insurance companies. They saw this illegal and unethical legislation and focused on the 40 million uninsured Americans who would be forced to buy their product, and they worked had to aid the Obama administration in its passage. It turns out that even millennials and 20 somethings are smart enough to figure out Obamacare is a bad deal for them and they are not buying, even though they must pay a fine for no medical insurance. As a result, the insurance companies are bleeding out due to expenses that far exceed the new income they are receiving from Obamacare. And now they are crying a river and asking for relief or a way out of the program or a way to alleviate their suffering.

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