Obamacare Repeal: Seven GOP Senators Who Forgot They Weren’t Democrats

Obamacare Repeal: Seven GOP Senators Who Forgot They Weren’t Democrats

A plague has spread over the United States that resembles the biblical “water to blood” disaster that enabled the land of Egypt to experience blight, drought, famine and mass extinction of animals.  That “water to blood” plague has taken place in Congress where there is not only a dearth of common decency or sense of obligation to the American people anymore, but there is also no honor against the sin of bearing false witness.

The Congressional senators and representatives these days fall into one of three categories.

  1. Politicians who stand for the Establishment:  Let's not mince words.  This is pure and simple.  Call a spade a spade, right?  Establishment officials don't care what their constituents say, they don't care how many promises they make, they couldn't care less for the plight of the American worker.  They are liars and cheats and hope to remain in office until they're either laughed out of office or they realize that reelection is impossible.  There really are no party lines with these turncoats.  They will sell out their own children if it means they'll remain in office for another term.
  2. Politicians who stand for the People:  There's not many of these, sad to say.  Of the few that there are, even those with good intentions tend to quickly exit politics because they're not playing the Establishment game.  Few, if any, are able to make a dent in the incredible corruption and waste that is rampant inside the Swamp.
  3. Politicians who stand for Nothing:  These are the few who don't care about the Establishment, nor do they care about their constituents.  They are there for one or two big back room deals that will net them a great deal of money only to be voted out on the very next election cycle.  By that time, they've already netted quite a bit of back pocket cash.  Sometimes, these types become addicted to the easy money and transform into the Establishment types, selling their souls to the highest bidder party.

The ObamaCare Repeal bill has finally reached the Senate and what should have been an easy deletion of the healthcare debacle that is hurting millions and millions of people, both insured and uninsured, was again kept solidly in place.  But not by Democrats this time around.

Read more on the following page about how seven Republicans decided to give one huge middle finger to Americans, even selling out their own constituents, to whom they had explicitly promised, IF ELECTED, that they would repeal the horrible Unaffordable Care Act.

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