Obamacare: Making American Lives a Little Poorer

Obamacare: Making American Lives a Little Poorer

Obamacare has snuggled up with big pharma and the dividends are enormous.  ACA was supposedly for the little people, to help those who did not have insurance, but as the numbers suggests, it was for the pharmacy companies, insurance companies and big government.

$3 trillion was spent by American's on healthcare, with the mandatory purchase of insurance and rising prescription drug prices.

The government is also profiting in this Obamacare scheme, with 7.5 million people paying the ACA penalty for not having insurance. Though those paying the penalty, which ranged from $95 to $200, was far less than what a monthly premium would be, even with subsidies, the government made $1.5 billion in fines.

Those rolling in the green seem to be the government, pharmacies and insurance companies, not the voters who were promised a pack of lies.

The next page will lay out the increase in health insurance expenses and the 12% growth in prescription drug expenditures.

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