ObamaCare Financially Unstable: Just 24% Enrolled are Young, Healthy

ObamaCare Financially Unstable: Just 24% Enrolled are Young, Healthy

For ObamaCare to be viable, the White House needs what it calls “young healthies” to opt in to the system so that the premiums they must pay will yield a huge surplus to subsidize everyone else. Originally, the President targeted a goal of 39% young, healthy enrollees. He was betting that since he'd managed to hoodwink them into voting for him, it would be easy to trick force them into enrolling and paying the lion's share of health insurance costs. Otherwise, the whole system will become unsustainable and probably require a massive government bailout, which is liberal code for skyrocketing taxes. So how close to that magic 39% is ObamaCare enrollment so far?

They're a long way off. Only 24% of “enrollees” are healthy folks in the 18-34 year-old age bracket.

The New York Times reports:

People signing up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s federal and state marketplaces tend to be older and potentially less healthy, officials said Monday, a demographic mix that could threaten the law’s economic underpinnings and cause premiums to rise in the future if the pattern persists.

Of those who signed up in the first three months, administration officials said, 55 percent are age 45 to 64. Only 24 percent of those choosing a health insurance plan are 18 to 34, a group that is usually healthier and needs fewer costly medical services. People 55 to 64 — the range just below the age at which people qualify for Medicare — represented the largest group, at 33 percent.

How bad is this? Well, as Phil Klein points out at the Washington Examiner, it’s 1%below what most people considered to be the worst case scenario.

In December, a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation identified a “worst-case scenario” situation in which just 25 percent of enrollees were in the 18-to-34 demographic.

Klein also notes that lefties in – and out – of the administration are claiming that young people will sign up later. They’re a bunch of slackers, you know, and they wait until the last possible second to do everything. That’s especially true when the thing in question is unpleasant, unwanted, and painfully expensive. Everything will be fine – if a full 50% of the people who enroll between now and March 31st are between 18 and 34 years of age.


Sources: Canada Free Press, New York Times



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