Obama Has Welcomed 750,000 Muslims to U.S. Since Taking Office


Obama’s army: check out these numbers.

Since Obama took office over 750,000 people (752,738) from Muslim-majority countries have obtained permanent residence in the United States. And that total does not include 2014 or 2015. Arabic is the most common language of all refugees entering the United States.

Source: Gateway Pundit
The Muslim population of North America has grown dramatically, but that growth dates back to the 1960’s. Census bureau statistics do not include religious backgrounds, but estimates are there may be over seven million Muslims in America, eclipsing the Jewish population.
Mexico has only about a quarter million Muslims and Canada has about one million, nearly half of them residing in the Toronto area.
A recent survey by a liberal think tank revealed that 29% of Americans still believe Obama is Muslim. With his recent actions to welcome 75,000 Syrian Islamists to these shores, one has to consider that possibility very seriously. Islamist radicals and heads of state from the most belligerent nations are welcomed at the White House. The recent awful deal with Iran additionally lends credence to the theory that Obama is simply a shill for the spread of fundamentalist Islam across the globe.
So, when will Michelle and his a daughters don burkas?




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