Obama: ‘We Cannot Deny the Legacy of Racism’ in Our Justice System

Barack Obama is leaving the White House, but he's not out of things to say. In a essay written for the Harvard Law Review, the president once again accused his court system of systemic racism.

“[W]e cannot deny the legacy of racism that continues to drive inequality in how the justice system is experienced by so many Americans,” Obama wrote in his 56 page essay.

Obama cited studies from the NAACP showing that African-Americans and Hispanics were more likely to be stopped by law enforcement officials and suffer stricter penalties in court.

“If we are to chart honestly the path for criminal justice reform, we must confront the role of race and bias in shaping the policies that led us to this point,” Obama wrote.

If only Obama were in charge for the last eight years, maybe things would be different.

Oh wait. He was — and nothing changed. The left may believe that the courts are racist, but they have no one to blame but themselves. They've held power for two terms and did nothing.

From 2015:

Source: Breitbart



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