Obama Wants to Come Into Your Kitchen

Through the FDA, Obama and his bloated bureaucracy want to tell you what you can and can't eat. Now, the FDA has locked sites on trans fats, with a plan to ban them entirely from our palette.

This is despite the fact that the consumption of trans fats is on the decline anyway. Less and less people are using them than ever before. But, this isn't stopping the nanny state. According to Town Watch:

…many health conscious individuals choose to steer clear of products that contain trans fat (consumption has decreased 78 percent between 2003 and 2012), millions of Americans have continued to enjoy many of the delicious foods that contain trans fat, albeit in moderation. Unfortunately that’s a problem for the heavies at Mr. Obama’s FDA.

Rather than letting people make their own decisions about whether to indulge in the occasional trans fat-laden snack, the FDA has just ordered a ban on trans fat, which federal regulators say food companies must remove from all of their products by 2018.

Many may think “what does this have to do with me?”, but the ban could have many unforeseen consequences.

Foremost, the cost to food producers could be enormous. While many producers have moved away from trans fat on their own, the fats remain essential to many popular products due to its taste, texture and ability to preserve shelf life. Finding a replacement may not be easy or cheap, and consumers will ultimately face increased costs as a result. Worse, it’s entirely possible that the eventual “replacement” for trans fat may not be any healthier. But these are things federal regulators rarely consider when they try to control our behavior and supplant their all-knowing judgment for our own.

This is just another government power grab. We have to send a message to Washington, and that message is stay out of our lives.

Source: Town Watch




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