Obama Visits Prison, Makes EXTREMELY Revealing Statement

Standing in the El Reno prison, Obama said the inmates were there due to mistakes “that aren't that different from the mistakes [he] made.” He went on to say the difference between his own situation and that of the inmates is that they did not have the ‘support structures', second chances, or the resources he possesses.

Not everyone fell for Obama's transparent attempt to justify massive federal social programs. YouTube commenter and former inmate Geoffrey Madge summed it up nicely:

I've been in and out of jail a lot during my life,the mistakes I've made were my fault.I don't blame my up bringing, economical situation or any other excuse I could use to justify my actions.Government made the laws but now we have a lawyer for a president suggesting he is the same as criminals in jail?We must learn that despite the cards we are dealt at the end of the day the choices we make are our own.That's what a real man does.This guy always has an agenda behind everything he does,I don't trust him even though I've been to jail before.



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