Obama To Violate Law, Bring GITMO Prisoners Into US Despite Warnings

Obama To Violate Law, Bring GITMO Prisoners Into US Despite Warnings

Ask any student of the Constitution about the three branches of government, and they will tell you they are comprised of the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. In prior times there have been efforts by one or the other branches to expand their power and to overwhelm the other two.

Often it has been a covert attempt or at times a utilization of constitutional powers to reign in the power of another branch as outlined in the venerable document, or perhaps an effort to push the boundaries set by a ruling. Strong leaders are known for seeking greater power to achieve their aims, and U.S. political leaders have shown that they are no different than other world leaders in that respect.

It is stunning, however, to see how president Obama abuses the Constitution and precedent by simply ignoring what is clearly written and established, almost as if he is daring Congress to oppose him. These are the actions of an arrogant, autocratic tyrant, and it is astonishing that Obama has so often been able to move his agenda forward using such thuggish tactics rather than the more nuanced and finessed approach that is common in U.S. politics due to the limits and guidelines established by the Constitution.

One clear example is the manner in which Obama has called for the State and Immigration Departments to ignore immigration law and to not prosecute or deport the hordes of immigrants pouring across our borders each day, many to commit crimes and sap our economic strength as they blithely settle in to live without fear of legal sanction or deportation.  This in spite of Constitutional law that sets the conditions and limits which control immigration into the U.S. This violation of law is made possible because Obama is willing to flout the constitutional limits to his authority while Congress sits idly by, cowed by the fear of an activist illegal immigrant population.


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