Obama Unleashes ‘Powerful Rebuke’ Against Terrorists

Obama Unleashes ‘Powerful Rebuke’ Against Terrorists

Barack Obama finally answered the calls of millions of Americans who pleaded that the president send a powerful, scornful rebuke to the ISIS-led terroist attacks in Paris.

Or, at least he thought he did.

In another display of our president's pitiful incompetence and utter ignorance in regards to radical Islamic extremism, his self-proclaimed “powerful rebuke” was none other than his attendance at a summit on climate change.

This should be surprising, but it isn't. Obama's administration has long implied that climate change is our country's number one national security threat. They continue this charade as thousands die and millions free from Islamic terror abroad, while their so-called “climate change” has, at best, inched up the mercury in our thermometers a degree ever hundred or so years.

His cluelessness is not only embarrassing, but it is insulting to the millions of Americans who live in the fear of another terrorist attack, and its downright appalling to the Americans who have already lost their lives at the hands of ISIS.

Its just another example of our president's willingness to ignore ISIS in order to push his own agenda on the American people.

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