Obama Only U.S. President to Never Deliver 3% GDP Growth

Obama Only U.S. President to Never Deliver 3% GDP Growth

Barack Obama recently boasted in Britain that his greatest accomplishment as president was “saving the world economy from a Great Depression.”  Yes, the president claimed that he single-handedly came in and rescued the world from certain economic doom.  And if you listen to Hillary Clinton or the administration, everything here at home is just dandy — well, except for those things that are somehow still George W Bush's fault.

Though the unemployment rate has fallen, it really does not provide an accurate picture of the amount of people who are underemployed or have simply given up on finding a job.  Many financial experts warn that another stock market crash is in the near future, and data shows that the economy is still not generating a healthy inflation level.

Furthermore, before President Obama stakes his claim as economic savior of the world, he may want to check out a new report that shows he is on track to be the first United States president to never deliver a year of 3% or higher GDP growth.

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