Obama Threatens States With ‘Enforcement Action’ If They Refuse Syrian Migrants

Obama Threatens States With ‘Enforcement Action’ If They Refuse Syrian Migrants

President Barack Obama recently took time out from his busy Black Lives Matter world tour to remind the American people and various state governors that, as a Constitutional scholar and someone who clearly knows his way over, under, and around the hallowed document, that they have no authority to refuse Syrian “refugees” into the country and various local neighborhoods simply because the immigrant ranks will be shot through with suicidal Islamic terrorists.

As a reminder of Obama’s generosity with other people’s money, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) told state resettlement officials they may not deny benefits and services to refugees based on their country of origin or religion, which will no doubt boost the food stamp rolls to new heights and relieve the federal and state governments of excessive funds growing in their treasuries.

The letter, dated Wednesday, indicated that the heavy Federal boot of compassion will come down hard on the necks of those who do not comply and bend to the will of Obama, and they will be subject to suspension, termination, and possibly the endless screeching of Hillary Clinton preaching the evils of the Republican war on women.  In any case, everyone better toe the line.

The other gentle persuasion being proffered is to remind any objectors that the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which has successfully eliminated racial division and anger throughout the United States, prohibits discrimination based on race and national origin, and the Federal government will be more than willing to withhold all federal financial assistance to those states objecting to the coming flood of Middle Easterners, meaning they will not be sending the money back that the states sent into Washington in the first place, especially, one assumes, to the red states.

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