Obama Talked FEC Commissioner out of Stepping Down in Exchange for Personal Favors

According to The Daily Caller, the White House convinced Federal Election Commissioner Ann Ravel to not go through with her decision to step down from her post and carry on in that capacity earlier this year. In exchance, Ravel was promised that she could work from her home state of California and would receive support from top Democrats in her bid to become Attorney General for that state:

“Ravel, a Democrat, told the senior government official about the arrangement in private and even showed the official pictures of her and Obama in The White House. The official told TheDC Ravel had wished to step down and move back to California before the Jan. 28 White House meeting. Obama told Ravel she could move back and do most of her work from California and that she would be supported in her effort to replace California Attorney General Kamala Harris as Attorney General if Harris were to win her Senate election.

The government official said that Ravel didn’t say that the support would necessarily come directly from President Obama but from senior Democratic officials. It was recently reported by the Washington Examiner that Ravel is a top contender to be appointed by California Gov. Jerry Brown if Harris were to be elected senator.

Ravel told TheDC that she did not discuss becoming California attorney general with President Obama and that she has not ‘moved' to California as her family has always had a home there. Ravel said that her decision to stay on board as FEC commissioner was made before the meeting. The White House has not returned a Daily Caller request for comment.

White House visitor logs show Ravel met with President Obama and Stacy Koo, then-chief of staff for presidential personnel, on Jan 28.”

Source: The Daily Caller



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