Obama Specifically Targets Small Towns in Conservative States for Refugee Resettlement

Schools have to accommodate the immigrants, leaving the American students with less help. Medical centers have to treat these refugees on the taxpayers dime and jobs will become scarce.

Is Obama this diabolical?  Was this his plan to transform this nation all the way back during his campaign days?

You would think that there would be more employment opportunities, cultural attractions and government services available for refugees in major metropolitan areas.  So it would seem natural to resettle them in those areas.  But instead, there seems to be a major push to resettle large numbers of them in small towns.

The citizens of these rural communities seem to have no say, while their representatives ignore the objections of their constituents.

Well funded pro-immigrant NGOs have been searching out local politicians that are willing to work with them to invite the Obama administration to resettle large numbers of Islamic refugees in their areas.  Unfortunately for residents of Missoula, politicians there seem quite willing to open the door…

Americans are not fools and they see what has happened in Europe with the immense stream of “Syrian refugees” entering and wreaking havoc on the society.  Their voices are being ignored by many local politicians and one wonders what kick back these politicians gain by accepting the swarm of refugees.

Here in “Big Sky Country” local politicians in Missoula, working with pro-immigrant NGOs, are inviting the federal government to begin sending Syrians, comparing them to the Hmong refugees who fled Vietnam’s communists in the late 1970s. They have not been deterred by the fact that 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslims, the vast majority of whom FBI Director James Comey admits are impossible to vet for ties to terrorism.

Despite Comey’s warnings, the Missoula Board of County Commissioners sent a letter on Jan. 13 to the U.S. State Department requesting Syrian refuges. “We look forward to seeing approximately 100 refugees per year resettled in Missoula,” the letter states.

“Missoula is an ideal city for resettling refugees,” the letter continues. “Our community enjoys good schools, incredible natural beauty, and a low unemployment rate, among other factors.”

One thing can be certain, low unemployment will be no more when hundreds of men come to town looking for jobs that are already filled.  The schools will need to adjust for the large number of new students who more than likely will need ESL courses, which will require more teachers and therefore cost the community more money.

Helping others is an important and noble deed, but Obama is not noble and his deeds are suspect.  He is destroying our country from the inside out.

Source: Infowars



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