Obama: ‘Simply Locking People Up Doesn’t Make Communities Safer’

Obama: ‘Simply Locking People Up Doesn’t Make Communities Safer’

Barack Obama is perhaps the worst president that we have ever had when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of the American citizenry.

Obama continually places the welfare of law-abiding Americans last, and it is only by luck that we have not had to pay a greater price for his wanton disregard for this people. Instead, he seeks to find ways to protect and to welcome illegals into the country, many of them violent criminals, and prevents the immigration department and the border patrol from doing their job.

He promotes programs in the schools that prevent the discipline or suspension of black or latino troublemakers, including students who have attacked teachers and other students. He encourages the Justice Department to give demonstrators and rioters a pass, particularly groups like Black Lives Matter, because (dare we say it?) they are black and represent “his” culture.

In all of these cases, it is the innocent citizen, the students and the community members who pay the price. Obama is as cold and distant as anyone could ever be when he contemplates the suffering of those who do not “merit” his compassion and protection. Obama also seeks to disarm U.S. citizens, which would at least allow them to defend themselves when Obama allows and encourages lawless, marauding criminals to take to the streets.

He is now working to make it even harder for law-abiding citizens to feel safe and secure with a new proposal. He is releasing criminals wholesale into the public, and he is justifying his actions because the criminals have not been treated “fairly” and do not merit punishment. The video on page 2 shows Obama making his case for freeing criminals.

Obama releases criminals, blames America for violence and crime, video on page 2:

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