Obama Signs Mysterious Executive Orders

Obama Signs Mysterious Executive Orders

You know that when President Obama does something and doesn't make a big show of it that something – something bad, specifically – is in the works.

Unlike the massive public relations campaigns he launched in order to deceive Americans into supporting the Affordable Care Act and the Iran deal, Obama was surprisingly mum when he issued a new series of executive orders. In fact, the orders in question were only discovered when someone went on the White House website and noticed that the administration had quietly issued them.

At first glance, the orders appear to merely detail who will take over if the Administrator of the EPA and the Secretaries of the Treasury and Veteran Affairs die or are otherwise unable to perform their duties. However, the orders go beyond this and describe what will happen if the deputy administrator and secretaries slated to fill these roles are also incapacitated, suggesting the Obama administration is preparing for the loss of several high-ranking functionaries.

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