Obama Sets Record, Bringing The Federal Register To 81,611 pages In 2015

Obama Sets Record, Bringing The Federal Register To 81,611 pages In 2015

President Obama campaigned on the idea that he was going to “heal” the nation and bring it together after the divisive final years of George W. Bush's presidency. In particular, the Democrats were continuously vocal about the inability of Bush to “get along” and cross the aisle to get the two parties to work together. The belief that Obama would do better and find a way to bring the parties together now seems hopelessly naive and foolish as we have seen the nation torn apart and the bully president throw his weight around and act more like a dictator than a conciliator.

In fact, were it not for the Democrat parties slavish obedience to Obama's whims and dictates, he would have neither Republicans nor Democrats working with him. Who can forget, for example, the ultra divisive Obamacare legislation where not one Republican lawmaker supported the constitutionally challenged legislation, but where all the Democrats lined up to support it. Rather than working to respond to legitimate questions, the bill was forced through without even giving legislators time to read the massive document. That lack of input and cooperation are now coming home to roost as problems keep surfacing with the flawed legislation.

Obama once stated that “Democrats won, so Republicans should just be quiet and get out of the way.” That is not an example of someone who wants to work together to bring change, and even some Democrats began to chafe at the heavy handed way that Obama demanded obedience, though they reliably fell into line whenever he demanded.

However, the elections in 2012 and 2014 changed the map and gave Republicans majorities in both the House and Senate, indicating that the American people were also recognizing that the Obama administration was not really working for them and the nation. So much for healing the nation. But Obama is on a mission to transform the country, and he is not about to let a little thing like the democratic process and the will of the people get in the way and keep him from his goals.

Nor is he interested in working with legislators on the left or the right, and so prefers to force his will on the people. But how can he do that since the American system of government says that the legislature makes the laws, not the executive?

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