Obama Sends Record Breaking $4.1 Trillion Budget to Congress

Obama Sends Record Breaking $4.1 Trillion Budget to Congress

Barack Obama revealed his proposed budget on Tuesday, and it is just more of the same, a plan to bankrupt the nation and to pick winners and losers that has little correlation with reality. It shows again that for Obama and his Democratic enablers, the era of Big Government is definitely NOT over.

Obama has pushed the debt from $9 trillion to $19 trillion during his two terms in office, a sum so huge that it threatens the fiscal well-being of the nation for years to come, and this plan is more of the same.

As a lame duck president, Obama has little muscle to push the budget through, but Republicans have shown themselves to be a feckless, timid lot, and stranger things have happened when Obama demanded a new policy or program and the Republicans simply rolled over after first voicing firm protestations in the media to placate the base.

It should really be no surprise to the Republican establishment that political outsiders such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson have generated such excitement. The voters have realized they cannot trust the establishment politicians, including such things as budgeting and planning, even when they have the majority and the support of the people.

So the budget that is being proposed may have leaders like Paul Ryan talking tough and saying it is a non-starter, but we could still wake up in a few weeks and see that it had passed. And of course the compliant and spineless Democrats have never seen any proposed budget or illegal legislation proposed by Obama that they did not immediately love.

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