Obama Has Released 67,000 Criminals into US Communities, How Many Are Radical Islamists?

Famous Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was recently interviewed on CNN's AC360 about immigration, and his responses led to more questions than answers.

At the crux of the issue was the fact that 67,000 criminal aliens have not only been caught by our police forces, but have been released back into our communities by Barack Obama's administration. But who are these people, and why is he letting them go?

It's been reported time and time again that ISIS has tried to use Obama's open border to gain entrance into the United States. Given how porous and ungoverned Obama has insisted we keep our border, it is no doubt probable that ISIS jihadists have succeeded in their efforts. They've already claimed to have done just that.

Pair this refusal to enforce our border with his order that we let Syrian refugees infiltrate our communities, and Obama seems hell-bent on letting criminal, potentially ISIS-affiliated aliens onto our shores.

Not only are those previously affiliated with ISIS being let in with open arms, but it seems our prison system is converting our prison population to Islam before releasing them back into our communities.

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