Obama Pushes for ‘Rule-Based’ New World Order in Nordic Speech

Obama Pushes for ‘Rule-Based’ New World Order in Nordic Speech

For a long time, it's been obvious that Obama doesn't subscribe to the idea of American exceptionalism. Instead of arguing that America's form of government is among the best in the world, Obama has been preoccupied by apologizing for what he sees as America's faults at every opportunity.

It's clear Obama doesn't think America is as great as the rest of the world, and now, thanks to remarks he made to the Finnish and Norwegian heads of state, we now know who Obama thinks is truly exceptional.

In fact, he seems so smitten by this bloc of countries, that he said he'd be willing to put them “in charge” of the rest of the world in an “international order.”

While many took his comments as a joke — or as a bit of political pandering — it fits the worrying narrative that Obama wants to create an international order that holds ultimate power over the citizens of the world.

So was it a joke, or a sign of his true intentions? See his statements in full on the next page and decide for yourself:

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