Obama Pursuing UN Resolution To Divide Israel And Jerusalem

Obama Pursuing UN Resolution To Divide Israel And Jerusalem

Barack Obama has done extensive damage to the stature and prestige of the U.S. in the international arena. It seems everywhere he has acted it has ended up badly. Early on in his administration he soured relations with England by sending back a bust of Winston Churchill and indicating he had little interest in fortifying our ties with the motherland.

His Arab spring actions in Egypt and other Middle East countries blew up in his face, and led to huge problems and the rise of ISIS in Syria. Vladimir Putin has embarrassed Obama and shown him up in several arenas, particularly in Ukraine and now in Syria. And of course he taken our close relationship with Israel, which is the only democracy in the Middle East and our staunch friend in the region, and he has turned it into a personal battle between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and himself. Given the belligerence of virtually all the Arab nations towards the U.S., and considering this one small island of cordiality, it is hard to understand the animosity Obama has for Israel unless he has a secret passion for Islam and the preeminence of the Arab states over Israel.

Now it seems that Obama may take new measures to bring Israel down and to hand greater power and control to the Palestinians, who have sworn to drive Israel into the sea. From a geopolitical perspective it makes no sense, but what else could be driving Obama besides personal animus and a commitment to Islam?

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