Obama Presidency Sees Record-Breaking Quadrupling of Terrorism Deaths

Obama Presidency Sees Record-Breaking Quadrupling of Terrorism Deaths

Although President Obama and his supporters love to portray him as an able, effective commander in the War on Terror, recent data about the toll inflicted by terrorists during his reign indicate that he is far from it.

In a new report, Vision of Humanity finds that shockingly, the number of people killed in acts of terrorism has more than quadrupled since Obama first entered the White House in 2009. Last year in particular saw the rate of terrorism deaths increase by 80%, leading to a staggering total of 32,658 lives lost to terrorist groups and operatives and a vastly higher amount than the 7,564 killed during George W. Bush’s last year in office.

Not only that, but the economic devastation wrought by terror peaked last year as well, with the annual report put out by the Global Terrorism Index finding that costs incurred by terrorism came out to $52.9 billion, an unprecedented amount of treasure lost to extremist violence. And people actually think Obama’s has been a successful presidency?

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