Obama Praises South African President Despite Racist Land Grabs, Brutal Massacres

Despite the fact that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa changed the country's constitution so farmlands could be seized from white landowners without compensation, Barack Obama showered praise upon the leader, saying he “inspires new hope in this great country.”

he adulation poured out on Ramaphosa went far beyond normal diplomatic courtesy. In fact, Obama claimed the radical left-wing strongman, who is right now leading the charge to steal land from minority farmers without compensation, was “inspiring new hope in this great country.” In reality, critics say he is driving it over the edge of a cliff.

Perhaps even more alarming, Obama appeared to praise Ramaphosa's dangerous efforts to supposedly reduce inequality in South Africa — efforts that mimic the disastrous land-expropriation schemes pursued in neighboring Zimbabwe by genocidal Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe that practically destroyed the nation. Touting the Marxist Goal 10 in the United Nations Agenda 2030 scheme, which calls for national and international wealth redistribution, Obama told the crowd in Johannesburg that “we're going to have to figure out how do we close this widening chasm of wealth and opportunity both within countries and between them.”

How this happens, Obama said, “ is going to vary country to country.” Then, in a chilling remark that sent shivers down the spines of embattled minority farmers across South Africa, who are being tortured and savagely slaughtered by the thousands amid a racist hate campaign and a government-backed land-theft program seeking to steal everything they own, Obama praised Ramaphosa and his agenda yet again. “I know your new president is committed to rolling up his sleeves and trying to do so,” the former U.S. president declared, saying that neither free markets nor “old-style command-and-control socialism from the top” would be involved. Perhaps it will be a new-style socialism?

Finally, Obama told attendees at the 100th anniversary of South African Communist Party leader Nelson Mandela's birth that “the biggest challenge for your new president” and others would involve a “more fundamental re-imagining of our social and political arrangements.” Of course, Ramaphosa took over the country as South Africa was descending into what his African National Congress (ANC) and its partner in the ruling regime, the South African Communist Party (SACP), describe as the “Radical Second Phase” of their ongoing Communist Revolution there. This is when things get really ugly, as the plan calls for mass Zimbabwe-style expropriation of land and wealth.

It was not clear whether Obama's speech writers were familiar with the horrors unfolding in South Africa — the gruesome farm murders, for example, in which even elderly women and babies are being brutally raped and tortured before being murdered. Thousands have been slaughtered so far, and the terror is growing. The recently departed South African president and numerous top political leaders openly sing songs and make threats advocating genocide against embattled minority communities. Witchcraft and animal sacrifices are performed openly by top officials at national events. Meanwhile, Parliament voted earlier this year in favor of changing the Constitution so that land owned by European-descent farmers could be stolen without compensation and redistributed by the regime.

The situation has gotten so bad that a number of foreign governments, including top Australian officials, have expressed interest in prioritizing European-descent South African refugees facing the escalating horror. “If you look at the footage and read the stories, you hear the accounts, it’s a horrific circumstance they face,” explained Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, referring to Afrikaner farmers known as Boers, descended mostly from Christian European immigrants. “I do think, on the information that I’ve seen, people do need help and they need help from a civilized country like ours…. I think these people deserve special attention and we’re certainly applying that special attention now.”

After Obama's speech, which garnered headlines and misleading press coverage around the world, critics were shocked and appalled at the absurdity and insensitivity of Obama's statements on Ramaphosa. “The only people that Ramaphosa is inspiring are those in the West who cannot come to terms with the hard reality that their favored African terrorist organization, the ANC, duly listed as such by Ronald Reagan, turned out not just to be a terrorist organization, but a corrupt tribalist cabal that robbed the country blind,” explained Dr. Harry Booyens, a South African defense engineer and author of perhaps the definitive history on South Africa, entitled AmaBhulu: The Birth and Death of the Second America.

Source: The New American



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