Obama Orders Construction of 500 Person “FEMA” Camp in Southern Texas

The idea of FEMA is to marshal resources to promptly respond to disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.  As skeptical as one might be of the efficiency of government programs, that is not necessary a bad idea.  When disasters strike, especially unexpectedly, help for the victims is very much appreciated and can save lives.

The problem starts when camps are built ostensibly to house illegals coming across the border until they are processed.  One such facility is a 500-bed camp under construction by the Department of Homeland Security in the southern part of Texas at the direction of President Obama.

Since when did Mr. Obama start worrying about too many immigrants coming across the border, or about “processing” them for potential return to Mexico?

A facility that can hold illegals can also hold Americans who have run afoul of some federal regulations.  Hence the term, “FEMA Camps” has been applied to such facilities.

Is Mr. Obama just dealing with the flood of illegal migrants entering the US?  Or does he have something else in mind?



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