Obama’s New Gun Control Team is 8x Larger Than His Anti-ISIS Team

Obama’s New Gun Control Team is 8x Larger Than His Anti-ISIS Team

President Barack Obama has unveiled his new gun-control plan, once again displaying his poor grasp on priorities and what really threatens the citizens of this country.

You will recall that he has focused for the last several couple of years on climate change, previously known as global warming until scientists fessed up and admitted that global temperatures had not risen for almost two decades. It then became climate change, and Obama feels that it is urgent that we bankrupt fossil fuel companies, drive coal miners out of business, and spend billions of taxpayer dollars on renewable energy companies run by his friends and cohorts, even though the American people indicate that this issue is way, way down on their priority list.

The death of young black men involved in criminal pursuits by responding police officers has been given immediate attention by Obama, even when all the issues are unknown, and he has weighed in on such cases in order to denigrate law enforcement and defend the criminal elements without have actual facts to help form his opinion.

On the other hand, he could not fit in a visit with the grieving families of 14 innocents massacred by a radical Muslim husband and wife team in San Bernardino until he noticed that his 17 day Hawaii Christmas vacation was in the direct flight path over San Bernardino, at which time he was able to squeeze in a couple of hours with the families in between planning multiple rounds of golf.

Obama is, when examining his overall world view and set of priorities, a narcissist, and he is determined to impose his will and preferences on the American people in spite of opinion polls showing he is completely out of touch with the nation, and often in direct opposition to the focus of elected officials. His scheme for gun control and ultimate gun confiscation was on display yesterday, once again demonstrating his total lack of a balanced priority set in his legislative agenda.

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