Obama Never Cross-Checked Voter Rolls With DHS Illegal Lists

Obama Never Cross-Checked Voter Rolls With DHS Illegal Lists

This week, Donald Trump signed an executive order creating a commission tasked with uncovering voter fraud and suppression. Since the announcement, reports about the Obama administration’s handling of voter fraud have begun to swirl — and they show how necessary president Trump’s new commission might be.

The left have long fought to halt any Republican-led investigation into voter fraud. According to Democrats, illegal voting is so rare that studying it is a waste of time and government resources. Of course, it’s hard to know how rare an occurrence it is when every attempt to uncover its existence is met with serious resistance from Democratic leadership.

Two months ago, Virgina Governor Terry McAuliffe refused to allow investigations into precincts with more votes cast than eligible voters. Now, we’re getting a better understanding of how such a thing is possible.

Watch the video on the next page to see what the Obama administration refused to do in order to fight voter fraud:

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