Obama Mentions Himself 28 Times In Oregon Shooting Press Conference

Less than six hours after the mass shooting today in Roseburg, Ore., President Obama called a press conference. He knew next to nothing about the incident in Oregon. No one did, since authorities there were still piecing together information. Yet, that didn’t stop Obama from commandeering the airwaves to ignore the tragic situation, focus on himself, and politicize the whole thing with demands for new gun laws.

What he never mentions in all these tragedies is that political correctness and leftist rules cause them. In every case the location was widely touted as a “gun free zone.” Translation: “Killers come here and shoot the place up!”

Gun control will not stop this. Actually, it will accelerate it, since law abiding people who might have had weapons to stop a potential gunman, would be disarmed and helpless. As always, Obama is 1) on the wrong track 2) demanding the wrong things 3) and making the situation all about him.

He predicted his gun control call would spur critics to accuse him of politicizing the issue. Well, yes and yes he did. In addition we can also accuse him of making the tragedy about himself. Well in a sense, he should, since it is his and the left’s rules and philosophy that causes this to happen. Yes, it is your fault. And no, your alleged solution will not fix it. It will make it worse.

Here is proof: During the short (for Obama, at least) 12-minute address, President Obama referred to himself 28 times. (For those counting at home, that's almost three times per minute.)
Note that in arriving at this calculation, we included mentions of “we” when he was clearly including himself as part of the plural pronoun; the many uses of “we” in referring to America at large were not included.

Source: Grabien

It is not about You, Mr. Narcissist Obama – who has been called out by doctors as being mentally ill. It is not about gun control. It is about leaving people helpless and then advertising it to predators. It is about arming good people who can actively and effectively stop threats like this before they become like this.





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