Obama Meets With BLM Leaders after BLM Racist Thugs Brutally Assault War Hero

It is no secret that the Obama administration is all about optics, but one would think that an assault on a war hero by ideologically-motivated hoodlums would warrant at least a passing comment by the President of the United States. But no, signaling to the people who inspired that heinous act that he's on their side is much more important to him.

“The timing of this meeting, vis-a-vis a brutal attack on one of our Marines by Black Lives Matter thugs — not to mention the killing of eight police officers in eight days — almost appears to be a exclamation point to what the Obama administration has made so painfully clear: some lives matter more than others to this administration.

While one can’t expect President Obama to weigh in on every single violent incident in this country, his choice of when to do so (e.g., Michael Brown) and when to stay silent (e.g., in the case of Marine Christopher Marquez) has only fueled the brazenness of the division and violence the Black Lives Matter movement breeds. And now, welcoming the likes of DeRay McKesson to the White House — ironically, even if not purposely — just days after BLM-inspired teens brutally beat one of our war heroes, adds further legitimacy to their tactics. President Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch have made it clear they’ve got the backs of this movement — regardless of who may suffer or die on the receiving end of their hate.”

Source: AllenBWest.com



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