Obama Makes The Marines Gender Neutral

Obama Makes The Marines Gender Neutral

The military, by design, is a force to protect the U.S., and the primary means of accomplishing that is to hurt people and break things. The military is not meant to be a jobs program for misguided youth, although it has done an admirable job in that area in the past. It is not meant to be an adjunct arm of the Peace Corps, though it has undertaken that role many times. And it is certainly not meant to be a politically correct social program to help equalize the genders, but that is exactly where it is headed.

The Left hates the military. It despises patriotism, which it compares to xenophobia. It retches when someone suggests that the United States is exceptional due to its Constitution and its history of fighting for freedom and justice. The Left forgets that the U.S. military was the primary force that kept the world free when Nazism threatened civilization. It blocked the aggressive moves exhibited by Communist Russia during the Cold War. It has been a force for good, but Progressives see the military only as a misogynist, aggressive, chauvinistic club, and they are determined to turn it into a “new,” kinder, gentler, more sexually integrated and emasculated, egalitarian organization that is completely unprepared to defend this nation, but is made into the image of a perfect progressive member of society.

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