Obama makes History: Becomes First President to Endorse Someone under Criminal Investigation by their FBI

Obama makes History: Becomes First President  to Endorse Someone under Criminal Investigation by their FBI

Barack Obama is perhaps the least presidential of any president we have ever had. Oh, he is well groomed, can dress up nicely, and as Joe Biden said long ago, he is “clean.” But he sullies the office by doing unpresidential things like criticizing police in very ambiguous cases if the perp is black, or encouraging rioters and punks like the Black Lives Matter riffraff. Most presidents hold themselves a bit above the political fray when it comes to the presidential election following their own administration, but Obama has proven himself to be the most partisan president ever.

Now he is throwing his weight behind Hillary Clinton in her presidential run, and under ordinary circumstances, statesmanlike support for his parties candidate would be expected. In this case, however, Clinton is under investigation for serious crimes that are being investigated by the FBI which endangered U.S. national security, including clandestine operatives working overseas. She also had over 2,000 secret or top secret documents on her personal email server and sent them all over the world, a breach that would land an ordinary citizen in prison for many years. As the truth has been exposed, and her lies have been revealed, it has become more and more astonishing that she would expose the U.S. to such a tremendous risk, with the Russians, the Chinese, and a host of other enemy nations having easy access to these secret documents, with no one able to prove that they did not, in fact, hack into her server.

The FBI investigation continues unabated, and a criminal indictment is expected soon. Apparently that makes no difference to Obama, and he seems perfectly willing to welcome a felon into the White House to serve as president after he leaves office. The video on page 2 shows how lightly Obama considers such an indictment, and his support may very well affect the outcome of the case.

Video on page 2 shows plan to exonerate Clinton:

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