Obama Judicial Interventions Prevent Law Enforcement from Deporting Illegals, Over 100,000 Times

Allen West has been hosting some material that dovetails closely with my thoughts on Obama's corruption of the legal process regarding immigration.

One way to keep Obama's illegals in the country, an obvious imperative, is to clog up the courts or otherwise obstruct the legal process so these folks never get deported. So we have the preposterous spectacle of government agencies at war with one another. Your tax dollars at work.  It goes like this:

Among other sources, Fox News has run an investigative report in which they discovered Obama judges have rebuffed Department of Homeland Security efforts to deport people illegally in our nation 100,000 times!

The report cites that “Immigration judges around the country are denying the Department of Homeland Security’s attempts to deport illegal immigrants in record numbers… Over the last 10 months, immigration judges opted against the department’s efforts to remove some 96,223 illegal immigrants, including criminals.”

How widespread is this?

Over the objections of U.S. law enforcement, the Phoenix, AZ federal Immigration Court granted a free “welcome-to-America” pass to 82.2 percent of its cases so far in 2016. The New York Immigration Court number stands at 81.5 percent.

So the strategy for success for these immigrants is to just “wait it out.”

ICE and our Department of Homeland Security –you know, the people charged with keeping us safe— are in a civil war with the Obama courts. Two warring factions in the same nation, one trying to uphold the law; the other trying to prevent that very thing from happening. Law enforcement is losing.

It's not just law enforcement that's losing. Natural-born Americans and those immigrants who played by the rules and came here legally aren't doing so well either.

Source:  Allen B. West



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