Obama Joins Clinton: Trashes Mother of Benghazi Victim

The Democrat party has long tried to cultivate themselves as the party of empathy. Apparently, that façade disappears when someone exposes the lies of their presumptive nominee — even if that person is the grieving mother of a victim of terror.

Speaking to the Republican National Convention, Patricia Smith — mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith — blasted Hillary Clinton for her role in the death of her son and three other Americans. Smith made it crystal clear she blames Hillary Clinton for doing nothing while the attacks occurred — and then lying afterwards.

Barack Obama must’ve thought some of the facts about about Hillary Clinton being bandied about at the RNC might cause people to think twice about voting for his gal, as he took time to respond. As the Conservative Tribune reports:

According to President Barack Obama, a convention that included a speech by Patricia Smith, mother of the U.S. Air Force veteran Sean Smith who died in the Benghazi terror attacks, was­ “strange and outrageous.”

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s abhorrent response to Smith’s account shows how little reverence the two politicians have for truth or respect in politics. Both would rather protect their political legacy than apologize for their failings that killed a mother’s son.

Source: Allen B. West



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