Obama IRS Scandal Reignites as New Documents are Discovered

Obama IRS Scandal Reignites as New Documents are Discovered

Less than a month before vacating the Oval Office, Barack Obama made a shocking statement. In an interview on 60 minutes, Obama claimed that he led the “first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.”

But saying it doesn’t make it true. Sure, Obama managed to escape the scandals of his Democratic predecessor,┬áBill Clinton, but that’s hardly an accomplishment. Judged on his own merits, however, Obama presided over several controversies and scandals.

The most obvious all involve Hillary Clinton. Not only did she fail to protect an American ambassador in Benghazi, she and Obama proceeded to lie about the tragedy on national television.

When committees tasked with investigating the events asked for Clinton’s emails on the matter, they discovered that official communications were hidden on a private server stored at Clinton’s private home.

But Clinton wasn’t the only source of scandal for Obama. His IRS also managed to find itself at the center of a left-wing conspiracy — and new details are still being uncovered.

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