Obama Initial Reaction On California Shooting: “We Don’t Know Why They Did It”, Could Be ‘Workplace Violence’

Instead of making any comments about extreme Islam initially, which he still believes doesn’t exist despite Wednesday’s attacks and the recent attacks in paris, President Obama has decided to blame gun control. If they wanted to plan an attack, they would have found a way to get those weapons regardless of gun control.

The president’s remarks show he still hasn’t changed his tone since he first reacted to the event as a another mass shooting in the United States.

During his Oval Office statement, he continued to call for more work from all Americans to work for gun control.

He called for all American lawmakers to make it “harder for individuals to get access to weapons” when they wanted to inflict pain on innocent civilians.

Obama appeared somber during his statement, reminding Americans that it was important to pray for the victims.

Any prayer carried out by President Obama probably took place on a rug pointed towards Mecca. Everything he says is a contradicting mess. And of course, he fellow liberal crows agree with his sentiment about gun control. Hillary Clinton tweeted about it less than ten minutes after the incident started while the bodies were literally still warm.

Source: breitbart.com



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