Obama Huffs and Puffs as 60 Minutes Takes Him Down on Syria

From reports on the interview:

[Kroft pointed out]After spending hundreds of millions of dollars, Washington had only “four or five” fighters to show for the effort. Most of the equipment ended up in jihadist hands as US-trained rebels were captured or deserted without ever facing Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL) in battle.

 Asked why he went through with the program he doubted, Obama responded that part of what he has to do “is to try different things,” adding another reason was “because we also have partners on the ground that are invested and interested in seeing some sort of resolution to this problem.”

“And they wanted you to do it,” Kroft asked.

“Well, no. That's not what I said,” Obama replied.

Obama’s efforts to reframe almost every question and at times change the subject appeared to irk Kroft, who at one point remarked, “I feel like I'm being filibustered, Mr. President.”


The Middle East seems far off geographically.  Iran, this week just tested a missile which can target over 1,000 miles, which will hit Israel, but not the US.  The point of this test launching is the issue-the missiles only purpose is its mounted with a nuclear head.  So much for the no nukes deal with Iran.

Many think-who cares what happens in Syria or Iran.  What does that have to do with the US?  Admittedly, the US foreign policy going back to Bush has been a kind of trial and error.  Most point out “it's the oil” and experts believe that is partly true.  Yet, seventy years ago, Americans were asking the same question, about a dictator half the world away.  So what if he wants to invade Poland?  What did that have to do with the US?  Not our business.

Unfortunately, these groups in the Middle East, ISIS being the most prominent, do have a plan.  And their plan, is the same plan those in power in Iran hold to-its all in their Koran.  If you listen to them they reveal it-this is no secret.  And because Obama did not stop this group ISIS in Iraq, they have continued to roll along, gaining thousands of followers worldwide.  Their goal is to gain the majority power in the Middle East, and with Iran's nuclear weapons (and those missiles) launch an attack on Israel and America.  Its in their book.  It's called the Caliphate.  Obama failed all Americans, he allowed Russia into the Middle East, and Putin hates America-he hates the US for bringing down his beloved Soviet Union, and his goal is to restore Russia to what it once was-and that means the US must be made to look weak-he will prove Russia is the true super power.

Obama allowed all of this to happen – he's done all he can to make it happen.  It was on his watch, and he absolutely knew this is what would happen if he “led from behind”.  Obama's legacy will be how he transformed America into a dependent people-not only on the US government through entitlements, welfare, food stamps and no jobs, but he also accomplished losing out standing in the international community, making the US vulnerable to attack from its enemies, foreign and domestic.




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