Obama/Hillary State Department Coached Ambassador Yavanovitch About Biden-Burisma Conflict

When the Schiff circus began, not a one of the Republicans, nor the Democrats, were ready for the dog-and-pony-show that was about to take place, least of all, Adam Schiff himself.

With all of his preparation and targeted leaking of only choice Democrat-laced “truth” to the DNC-Network Media, one would have believed that the Chairman of the House Intel Committee had this entire impeachment process nailed down and ready to go to a full floor impeachment vote.

Instead, Schiff has consistently run into the bane of his shoot-from-the-hip proceedings: His own witnesses.


In the ongoing hearing today, former US Ambassador Marie Yavanovitch was questioned about the fact that she had been coached by the Obama/Clinton State Department officials Q&A team before her confirmation hearings. Elaine Stefanik has been a frequent target of Adam Schiff since she was elevated to the committee most likely due to her uncanny ability to pinpoint the exact subject matter that most irritates him.

Stefanik began questioning Yavanovitch about her own testimony in the hearings where she readily admitted that the Obama/Clinton State Department had “prepped” her for these confirmation proceedings. In it, she said that the specific subjects that were impressed on her as being important and for which she was heavily coached had to do with Hunter Biden and his connection to Burisma Holdings in Ukraine. Stefanik used the transcripts of the testimony, quoting Yavanovitch in her own words, when attempting to elicit an answer.


In the same proceedings, Stephen Castor, GOP Staff Attorney, began questioning Yavanovitch about the fact that, if she was already made aware of these potential conflicts of interest, why she had not done anything about it when she gained the post.

Her answer: “As I said, I arrived in August of 2016, several months before the elections and several months before President Trump took office. And it was not a focus of what I was doing in that six-month period.”

Potential conflict of interest by the son of the vice president is NOT a focus? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a potential conflict of interest the EXACT REASON WHY YOU’RE TESTIFYING AGAINST DONALD TRUMP IN THIS IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS? The former ambassador doesn’t see a problem at all with Hunter Biden raking in millions from Burisma Holdings, yet somehow, is so incensed by the actions of the president in looking into those very allegations that she flew all the way to Washington DC to be involved in these hearings!


And the Democrats wonder why no one trusts the Deep State and unelected bureaucrats in the federal government.


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