Obama Hands Illegals Massive New Health Care Plan


A solicitation for bids discovered by WND while conducting database research that reveals the purpose of the initiative is “to provide on-site medical staffing services to provide a continuum of health care services to ICE residents/detainees 24 hours a day, seven (7) days per week, and 365 calendar days per year” at various clinic sites. All of the treatment will come from workers who are screened to be politically correct. Contractor employees working on this project must be U.S. citizens “except when special flights prohibit use of U.S. citizens.”

Meanwhile, our veterans are dropping dead in want of an appointment due to extraordinarily long waiting lists. A newly leaked document reveals that one-third of veterans on these lists have already died.

Ongoing training must include “how to communicate effectively and professionally with detainees, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or gender nonconforming detainees.”

Private vendors will deliver a combination of medical, dental and mental-health services plus administrative staffing and nursing support, specifically to the ICE Health Services Corps, or IHSC, which already employs more than 900 personnel.

An exhaustive search of the FedBizOpps system revealed no IHSC healthcare-support activities of this magnitude in ICE’s history.

“In many instances, the care that detainees receive while in ICE custody is the first professional medical care of their adult lives,” IHSC touts on its website.

U.S. taxpayers also must bear the brunt of funding IHSC-approved off-site specialists, case management and emergency services for illegal aliens when necessary.

The ICE unit notes that annually it offers direct care to about 15,000 detainees housed at 21 facilities nationwide, as well as to oversee medical care of 17,000 additional detainees at non-IHSC detention facilities. The IHSC also provides medical support “during ICE enforcement operations in the air, on the ground and at sea.”

According to the 505-page solicitation and Statement of Work, or SOW, the overall ICE population amounts to 34,000 daily and 400,000 annual detainees with an average 30-day stay.
The document spells out in great detail what is expected in terms of contractor quality assurance, standards of conduct, monitoring of personnel, training and other federal requirements.

Source: wnd.com



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