Obama: Gun Control is Necessary For National Security

Obama: Gun Control is Necessary For National Security

In a stunning display of misinformation and lack of compassion for the families affected by the mass murder committed by a husband and wife team of Islamic terrorists, Obama immediately focused on one of his favorite topics, gun control, rather than on the much larger problem of stopping Islamic terrorists from coming into the country.

One of his demands is that the American people welcome into the U.S. tens of thousands of Islamic refugees, even while his top immigration officials admit that there is no way to vet the immigrants accurately for their political orientation. In addition, the Islamic terror organization ISIS has indicated that they are using the refugee program to insert Islamic terror cells into the county.

Obama chose to focus on what he called “powerful assault weapons like the ones used in San Bernardino.” It has been shown time and again that violent attacks are rarely, if ever, committed using assault rifles, and the designation “assault rifle” is itself a misnomer.

The name was chosen to give gun enthusiasts the perception of handling a military weapon, when in truth, assault weapons use standard caliber ammunition and have simple modifications such as pistol grip triggers and plastic black stocks which have no relationship to the operation of the weapon.

Obama went on to suggest that anyone on the “no-fly” list should be prohibited from buying a gun. The no-fly list is compiled by faceless bureaucrats who are unaccountable in their decisions regarding who is included. In some cases, someone on the role simply has a similar name as an individual who should legitimately be prohibited from flying. In others, it is simply a snafu committed by a clerk. Senator Ted Kennedy was famously included on the list, much to the embarrassment of the keepers of the list.

Those who compile the list do not have to advise those placed on the list that they have been designated, and once on the list it is almost impossible to have your name removed. More importantly, the list is ripe for abuse, and the idea that inclusion on the no-fly list would proscribe someone from buying a gun is especially troubling as it could be used for targeting troublesome individuals who support gun rights.

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